Heathkit Hero 2000 Robots

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I provide Design, Repair, and Restoration Services for Educational, Hobby, and Robot Enthusiast. 

What I do...

Restore and Repair the following systems.

  • Heathkit Hero 2000, hero 2000 arm trainer, and Hero Jr. robots.
  • Rhino Robotics Series Robots and Controllers.
  • General Robotics RB5X robots, Robot-labs and Arm trainers.
  • Repair and Belt replacements for the Sharper Image RoboScout.
  • Heathkit Educational Systems ET-100/ETW-100 and ET-3400.

Custom Design Work.

  • Printed Circuit Boards.
  • Mechanical Prototyping.
  • Parts Reproduction.


  • ANSI C
  • RobotBasic©
  • Assembly Language for Motorola, Intel and Parallax Processors.

Come see the robots on Facebook. Heathkit Hero 2000 Robots.


Contact Information kcgoodwin@hero2000robots.com